Fast Food

Whether you're hear for a tournament or a tour, sometimes you've got to eat on the run. In times like those, fast food places are a great option. Below you will find a list of various local, regional and national fast food establishments. Some are chains, some aren't. Regardless, we hope you'll at least take the time to enjoy the meal once you get it.

Hwy 55 Restaurant Hwy 15 South
Bojangle’s Hwy 15 South
Burger King 825 Linden Ave.
China Wok 308 Industry Dr. (Granville Corners)
Cookout 525 E. Industry Dr. (Granville Corners)
Domino’s Pizza Industry Dr. (Granville Corners)
Hibachi Buffet 1011 Lewis St.
Hong Kong Restaurant 134 Roxboro Rd.
KFC/Taco Bell Industry Dr. (Granville Corners)
McDonald’s 115 Industry Dr. (Granville Corners)
Popeye’s 904 Linden Ave.
Subway 913 Linden Ave.
Top China Restaurant 101 Hilltop Village
Wendy's   900 Linden Ave
Bojangle’s 1567 Hwy 56, Creedmoor
ChinaTown Chinese Restaurant 405 Central Ave., Butner
China Wok 2165 E Wilton Ave., Creedmoor
El Rio LLC 2531 E. Lyon Station Rd., Creedmoor
Hardee’s 2568 W. Lyon Station Rd., Creedmoor
Japan King 1515 Hwy 56, Creedmoor
KRS Grill 316 Central Ave., Butner
McDonald’s 1543 Hwy 56, Creedmoor
Pizza Hut 1572 Hwy 56, Creedmoor
Sonic 1586 Hwy 56, Creedmoor
Subway 2173 Hwy 56., Creedmoor
Taste of China 2531 E. Lyon Station Rd., Creedmoor
Wendy’s 1546 Hwy 56, Creedmoor