Field Day on the Farm

Join the TRLC for Field Day at the farm of Rufus and Sarah Jenkins Brown, and Bettie Ann Jenkins, for the annual gathering of Tar River Land Conservancy supporters. This event will feature a catered lunch and live music. This historic tobacco farm includes renovated farm buildings, such as barns and a log cabin, and old farm equipment from the days when mules pulled the tobacco sled. This event will also feature a guided hike through woodlands and along Sand Creek. The hikers will learn about the benefits of forest management for timber production, wildlife habitat enhancement, and water quality protection.

The historic Jenkins farm will forever remain a jewel of southern Granville County. The lovely landscape has been protected from substantial development by a conservation easment on 115 acres. The family worked with TRLC to place an easement on the property to protect their family’s heritage and the outstanding farmland, while still allowing for residential use and agricultural use. The Jenkins farm is an excellent example of the benefits of forest management for the protection of both the landscape and wildlife habitat, while still enabling the landowners to receive a stream of income from the property.

This is a family fun event that will feature conservation activities for the kids. Everyone will be entered into a raffle, and everyone will be able to bid on silent auction items. Please be sure to bring sturdy walking shoes and any hiking sticks or poles that you may need. Cameras are always a good idea.

All proceeds go to support Tar River Land Conservancy.

For more information on how to register visit