Granville Corn Maze & Haunt Farm


Granville Haunt & Fun Farm - Open on weekends in October & October 30th & 31st. 
Dare yourself to go through three featured adventures in the daytime and at night:

cornCORN MAZE:  "Get Lost" in the Maze - Day or Night! 
If you prefer a scare-free walk in the corn, a self-guided tour of Corn Maze in a larger 7-acre field which is completely separate from our other attractions is available. You can hunt for checkpoints throughout the maze, or take part in our "Monster Mystery" game in which you find clues inside the maze.

If you prefer a daytime experience, visit on Saturday and Sunday afternoons in October. Or you can book any time during the week for your church or school group, or organize a team building exercises with your co-workers.  For more information, visit our corn maze website at



There will be an entirely separate 5-acre corn field this year for the Haunted Trail to provide you with a completely unique experience. More scenes, more props and more actors will guarantee more scares!

"Zombie Attack Vehicles" are outfitted with paintball guns mounted on both sides. Each rider is assigned their own paintball gun. A ZAV assistant will fill your gun’s hopper with 150 paintballs (included with paid admission). Each team (20 - 24 per trailer) will be taken deep into zombie territory to locate and “exterminate” the zombies. If you shoot up all your ammo before you finish the ride, you may purchase another 150 paintballs. To help combat last year's lengthy wait times, we're adding a third Zombie Attack Vehicle this year, as well as timed ticketing. The Zombies are returning this fall. Will you be here to shoot them?  NOTE: YOU DO NOT GET SHOT WITH PAINTBALLS ON THIS RIDE. 

For a schedule of Activities, CLICK HERE.  For more information, log on